さまざまな宇宙、空中現象の最新自動観測撮影装置ロボットSID-1(シドワン=Space Intrusion Detection systems-1)が捕らえた謎の現象や物体とUFO *撮影画像は、左下部のカテゴリーからSID-1~を選択(随時更新) *メディア、報道関係者の方へ:不思議な動画、静止画、解析画像多数有ります。情報、著作権等の権利は当観測所です。連絡先はプロフィール参照。

Edward Snowden And The Theory Of Alien Encryption - Two Views Minimum

2015-09-21 Mon 04:33

Edward Snowden, best known as the man who exposed the depths of our global surveillance system is also an enthusiastic nerd. On an episode of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s podcast, “Star Talk,” the two got to talking about aliens and whether we’ll ever be able to communicate with them. Snowden’s theory goes that aliens would probably have super-sophisticated encryption on their communications to protect themselves, rendering it impossible for humans to unscramble.
2015/09/21 04:33


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