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What are some tactics for the ancient Greeks to defeat alien invaders?

2015-06-10 Wed 00:06

What are some tactics for the ancient Greeks to defeat alien invaders?
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Its the 4th century BC, Alexander the Great has just passed away and his empire has been divided amongst his generals. Now the successor states of Egypt, the Seleucid Empire, Macedonia, Bactria and others have inherited his legacy and stand on strong military grounds.

However, rather than begin fighting themselves, in this story, aliens from a distant world have landed in (let’s say) Syria and have begun a conquest of the world. The Greek successor empires have decided to form a united league to defeat them.

The aliens, however, have limited resources as they were attempting to escape a dying world. They are a humanoid race but rely on technology and machinery to do most of their work. They number around 15,000 and use a type of automatic projectile weapon that can be equated to an AK-47.
The Question

The Seleucids, Egyptians and other successor kingdoms are able to defend themselves quite well against other human civilisations. They employ professional armies (hoplites, pikemen, cavalry, archers), mercenaries, siege craft, elephants and also native conscripts.

How can they defend themselves and eventually defeat the invaders?

These aliens can survive on Earth. They need food and water.
Their ammunition and fuel is limited but initially plentiful.
They have no aircraft (they crash landed) but possess around 100 ground vehicles that we can equate to tanks.
The Greek empires possess leaders with strong military backgrounds and experience.
The aliens are seeking conquest to rule all humans.
The aliens can be diplomatic.

EDIT: further assumptions based on commenters questions:

breeding process is similar to humans.
forcing the aliens into submission OR total annihilation is what i mean by defeat


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