さまざまな宇宙、空中現象の最新自動観測撮影装置ロボットSID-1(シドワン=Space Intrusion Detection systems-1)が捕らえた謎の現象や物体とUFO *撮影画像は、左下部のカテゴリーからSID-1~を選択(随時更新) *メディア、報道関係者の方へ:不思議な動画、静止画、解析画像多数有ります。情報、著作権等の権利は当観測所です。連絡先はプロフィール参照。


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How does the government cover up alien crash landings?

2015-08-26 Wed 10:30

How does the government cover up alien crash landings?
asked 2015Aug 26 at 10:30
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One night a spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin crash-landed in the densely populated city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The force of the impact leveled the entire city within a radius of 1 kilometer from the crash site. The death toll is unimaginable; the total casualties have been estimated around 300,000 and the impact left hundreds of thousands more, living up to 10 kilometers away from the epicenter of impact, homeless. The survivors do not have adequate supplies of fresh water, food, or medical aide.


How does the government cover up this mess?

How will the authorities silence eyewitnesses?

How can they tow the spacecraft (the size of a double-Decker) to Area 51 without raising suspicion?


No aliens survived the crash.
The incident happened at night.
Satellite images captured everything.
The event was caught on tapes.
Several human shadows were scorched into walls and ground at the crash site.
The spacecraft broke apart with pieces as big a mobile phone littered everywhere.
There is no sign of smoke trails.
Radiation levels are normal.


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