さまざまな宇宙、空中現象の最新自動観測撮影装置ロボットSID-1(シドワン=Space Intrusion Detection systems-1)が捕らえた謎の現象や物体とUFO *撮影画像は、左下部のカテゴリーからSID-1~を選択(随時更新) *メディア、報道関係者の方へ:不思議な動画、静止画、解析画像多数有ります。情報、著作権等の権利は当観測所です。連絡先はプロフィール参照。

知られざる? 宇宙一有名な武器ライトセーバーについての13の知識 13 Things You Probably Don't Know About Lightsabers

2014-05-02 Fri 22:00

知られざる? 宇宙一有名な武器ライトセーバーについての13の知識
2014.05.02 10:00 pm





13 Things You Probably Don't Know About Lightsabers
4/25/14 1:00pm
Lightsabers. The weapon of a Jedi knight. An elegant weapon for a more civilized time. The most efficient limb-removal device in the galaxy. But who made them? How did George Lucas determine their colors? Are there other light-weapons in the Star Wars universe? Here are more than a dozen lightsaber facts only the wisest Jedi Masters know.

1) They were essentially created by the Dark Side

The first proto-lightsaber was called a forcesaber, and was essentially dark side energy channeled into a blade via crystals and alchemy. If, say, a Jedi picked up a forcesaber, he or she would run the risk of immediately and unwillingly turning to the dark side simply by using it. The early Jedi made the first lightsabers in order to use these weapons without becoming evil.........


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