さまざまな宇宙、空中現象の最新自動観測撮影装置ロボットSID-1(シドワン=Space Intrusion Detection systems-1)が捕らえた謎の現象や物体とUFO *撮影画像は、左下部のカテゴリーからSID-1~を選択(随時更新) *メディア、報道関係者の方へ:不思議な動画、静止画、解析画像多数有ります。情報、著作権等の権利は当観測所です。連絡先はプロフィール参照。


2007-10-31 Wed 00:00

Romanian fighter jet hit by UFOs
October 31, 2007

Pilot Marin Mitrica was injured slightly but managed to safety land.
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UFO hits Romanian fighter jet

Romanian fighter jet hit by UFOs
Officials from the Romanian Defense Military confirmed that one of their MiG-21 Lancer fighter planes was struck by four Unidentified Flying Objects on October 31, 2007, which shattered the plane's cockpit. The military also released a video captured by the plane's on-board camera as it was flying above Transylvania.

The recording shows solid bodies, which authorities are working to determine the identity of. Officials have already been able to determine the bodies were not birds or pieces of another plane, a meteorite or ice. Rocket launches and ground artillery shots were also ruled out as possible explanations for the incident.

The pilot, Marin Mitrica, was injured slightly but managed to safely land the plane. The investigation was passed to the Security Committee of European Air Forces.

A similar incident happened in the United States in 1948. Captain Mantell, of the Kentucky Air National Guard, was sent to intercept a UFO that was in US airspace, and allegedly, he was shot down by the UFO. Further investigations revealed that he was unfamiliar with the F-51 (P-51 fighter plane of World War II era).

UFO Hits Mig Jet Fighter Over Romania
October 30th, In Romania, a MIG 21 Lancer was hit by an "Unidentified Flying Object". The Romanian Military went on national TV to report that at an altitude of 6300meters/ 3.91464 Miles and at a speed of 800 km/h - 500mph - their airplane was hit by an object which was later ruled out to be a bird due to the fact that at this altitude it is highly unlikely that a bird would cause such damage to a military plane.

The aircraft security and onboard instruments including a camera, captured 4 Unidentified Flying Objects which could not be made out on video due to the speed and due to the impact. The Pilot announced that he and 1 other airplane was doing a routine exercise 6km away from Gherla, Romania when this object along with 4 others, (only one hit the plane) came from under the clouds and hit his airplane. He then, due to the impact and from the video you will see, was forced to aboard mission and land immediately due to his wing and cabin damage.

Romania military MIG fighter hit by a UFO


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